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# Thema - 17.07.2013 um 13:50 Uhr
Is there any module that already cover this? A Group Stage Cup?

I'm using this one since always, but i didn't find on in.

I'm asking because if not, i will develop from scratch.



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# Antwort: 1 - 25.07.2013 um 10:47 Uhr
It will be some work to integrate this into the cup module...

My first implementation will have only to have 1 groupstage before a bracket (not like for example SC2 WCS which has 2 groupstages and then a bracket) with 4 players per group where the first 2 players will advance.

You can choose between two types of group stage: Round Robin or Dual Tournament
Minimum grid size (max teams) for a cup MUST be at least 8 for a groupstage cup.
This will create 2 groups of 4 and then a bracket (which consists for KO in a semi final + final).
You can still choose what kind of bracket you want to have: KO / KO3RD or LB.
You can still use seeding.
Mathematically, what it will do is calculate a bracket/tree as it would normally do, but take each 4 leaves/players (first round) of the tree and bundle these in a group and then it will (virtually) remove the first 2 rounds of the KO/WB (and potentially virtually remove also the LB rounds if needed).

I still need to figure out how to place the 2 players who advance from a group into the tree/bracket so that they don't face each other immediately.

That's basically the idea. But it will take some time to implement...

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# Antwort: 2 - 21.09.2014 um 00:26 Uhr
Hello. Any progress with group stage?

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