Probiere ClanSphere aus und teste daran herum. Demo

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# Thema - 17.02.2015 um 19:30 Uhr
hi, im just begining with csphere but its not my first CMS. I want to congratulate all u for your job, thanks.

Lets begin with some questions,

1. Are there some module for do the clanwars between any squad?? When yo create a clanwar you can choose only the Clan rival and the own squad, and you can select players only in tis one , rivals players can only write them.

Exist any module for do a clanwar ,for example ,between 2 squads own clan? and where you can select the players for the 2 squads?

2.I have the mod cups, and bets and coin and datacache of minscrape, fantastic job!!!

When a player have a cup match to play in mod/cups action/center it must appears only one match for the cup x, but it appears many matchs for play, if tournament is for 8 players, in /center says that you are playing 8 tournaments.

Any sugestion for fix them ??

I think i have create tools.php correctly and put it in the correct place

3. Datacache once time installed, it works automatic ??

4.Any module like cups ,for do a league??

5. Where can i change the color of the status bar of rank messages in the board? wich arhcive ,i will find if u say me only the place FIXED !!!

6.mod/coins works perfect, but i dont understand how the users can spend on board an on coments? i can only put how many coins wins for thread and coments

7.Why in the board post counter it only counts post and no threads, any solution to + booth??

If anyone can help me i will be much grateful

thanks from Barcelona

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Try to beat me

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# Antwort: 1 - 18.02.2015 um 20:08 Uhr
5. /mods/board/rankimg.php
7.? what do you mean? you want the first posting to count with posting?
If so, this will cause many refactoring because threads are saved as threads and answers as comments in different tables.

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# Antwort: 2 - 19.02.2015 um 07:10 Uhr
7. tables are diferent ok , but usually in forums if you post a thread or you answer a post it counts to your post counter, sure in this forums table are diferent too, i will try to find the way to + threads ans coments on the post counter.

point 5 fixed thanks a lot

any other suggestions for the other points ??

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