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Blacklist [English]

The blacklist is an internal list, where you can add, in the linked form at the end of the site, websites which doesn't meet the criteria. We won't see any fun entries, because they only take time from our developement.

Placement of the link: (Changed: 2012-03-15)
Every index page of the website must include a visible hyperlink to the ClanSphere scriptinfo. This hyperlink must be readable, e.g. placed inside the footer. Moving or naming it on different pages, e.g. imprint, is not allowed. Same goes for parts of the website that require interaction or plugins, e.g. subnavigations or Flash.

The hyperlink
- (with mod_rewrite): /index/clansphere/about
- (without mod_rewrite): index.php?mod=clansphere&action=about
- (for both from version 2008.1): { url:clansphere_about }

The About page
- You are not allowed to change or to remove the file mods/clansphere/about.php

The About:
- We look forward to what is reported here.
- Please no gbook, news or board entries on the sites, which you reporting about.
- What kind of penalties will be used, set by us and no one else. By first entry in the blacklist, we'll use to find an acceptable solution, then following serious discussions or legal action.

I want to report an abuse!