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Ergebnisticker-Modul aktualisiert
14.06.2007 um 01:19 Uhr - hajo ClanSphere Team
Da der Ergebnisticker in der neuen Version 2 mit XML arbeitet war eine Überarbeitung angebracht. Dabei wurden gleich diverse Neuheiten wie z.b. eine list-Ansicht und Options-Einstellungen für die Ticker ID zugefügt. Die Demo wurde inzwischen auch passend aktualisiert.

Demo Ergebnisticker

Download vom Modul

Achtung: Die neue Version erfordert nun auch das einspielen einer install.sql die dem Archiv beiliegt. Weiteres ist der readme.txt zu entnehmen.

Release: Clansphere 2007.1
10.06.2007 um 19:29 Uhr - duRiel ClanSphere Team
Viele Bugs wurden behoben und viele Neuerungen eingebaut, auch Intrasphere ist up2date. Es wurde an einigen Ecken performancetechnisch gearbeitet, zudem auch die Sicherheit erhöht. Aber seht es am besten selbst!
Vergesst übrigens das SQL Update nicht: updates/2007-0_to_2007-1.sql

Download gibts natürlich hier.

Changelog +-
-> Added automatic mode for global and user daylight saving time setting (hajo)
-> Added error level "warning" that is not logged, but displayed when activated (hajo)
-> Added functions cs_html_table, cs_html_roco and cs_html_form to warning list, because they are deprecated (hajo)
-> Added list of abcode features to the docs (duriel)
-> Added maps list (duriel)
-> Added users_readtime to specify how many days an unread thread should be highlighted (hajo)
-> Fixed abcode style parameters reported by SCHIRI (duriel)
-> Fixed attachements view to be compatible with older versions in list for users and admins (mc.alcatraz)
-> Fixed check for required next round if multiple cups exist and fixed check for displaying admin cupmatches edit (duriel)
-> Fixed converting bxcp 0.2 boards to clansphere (hajo)
-> Fixed login message to be displayed on cookie reactivation (hajo)
-> Fixed many errors in gallery and usersgallery (hajo/duriel)
-> Fixed some errors in messages module and removed static german words (duriel)
-> Fixed user activation email and activation page to work (hajo)
-> Fixed word cut (duriel)
-> Improved session-cookie and cookie settings to enhance security (hajo)
-> Reworked all panels to use a function [cs_manage] and themes (hajo)
-> Reworked read functionality inside the board to only contain threads as delivered by users_readtime setting (hajo)
-> Removed some message queries from login-boxes to increase usuability and performance (hajo)

- /mods/articles/view.php: Fixed navlist and some error notices (duriel)

Viel Spaß damit,

duRiel Community Choice Awards
09.06.2007 um 22:56 Uhr - hajo ClanSphere Team
Es geht wie schon im Vorjahr darum die besten und beliebtesten Opensource-Projekte die auf beheimatet sind zu wählen. Die Projekte mit den meisten Nominierungen in einem Bereich treten je in der Finalrunde des Bereiches gegeneinander an.

Wir würden uns freuen von euch in den Bereichen Development oder Game nominiert zu werden, aber auch andere Bereiche sind natürlich willkommen. Dies könnt ihr über den folgenden Hyperlink durchführen:

ClanSphere nominieren

Vielen Dank

Neuer Trial
04.06.2007 um 13:48 Uhr - hajo ClanSphere Team
Wir begrüßen fAY-pA!N neu in den Reihen des ClanSphere-Teams. Er hilft uns ab sofort mit Templates für und in ClanSphere. Zudem wird er auch etwas im Support-Bereich aushelfen.

Herzlich willkommen und viel Erfolg

PHP 5.2.3 veröffentlicht
01.06.2007 um 21:50 Uhr - Denni
Die PHP Entwickler haben heute die Version 5.2.3 der beliebten Programmiersprache veröffentlicht. Es wurden hauptsächlich Sicherheitslöcher gestopft, sowie Bugs gefixt. SQLite wurde auf Version 3.3.17 upgegradet. Ein Update ist empfehlenswert.
Der Chaneglog:

Changelog +-

* Security Fixes
o Fixed an integer overflow inside chunk_split() (by Gerhard Wagner, CVE-2007-2872)
o Fixed possible infinite loop in imagecreatefrompng. (by Xavier Roche, CVE-2007-2756)
o Fixed ext/filter Email Validation Vulnerability (MOPB-45 by Stefan Esser, CVE-2007-1900)
o Fixed bug #41492 (open_basedir/safe_mode bypass inside realpath()) (by bugs dot php dot net at chsc dot dk)
o Improved fix for CVE-2007-1887 to work with non-bundled sqlite2 lib.
o Added mysql_set_charset() to allow runtime altering of connection encoding.
* Changed CGI install target to php-cgi and 'make install' to install CLI when CGI is selected. (Jani)
* Changed JSON maximum nesting depth from 20 to 128. (Rasmus)
* Improved compilation of heredocs and interpolated strings. (Matt, Dmitry)
* Optimized out a couple of per-request syscalls. (Rasmus)
* Optimized digest generation in md5() and sha1() functions. (Ilia)
* Upgraded bundled SQLite 3 to version 3.3.17. (Ilia)
* Addded "max_input_nesting_level" php.ini option to limit nesting level of input variables. Fix for MOPB-03-2007. (Stas)
* Added a 4th parameter flag to htmlspecialchars() and htmlentities() that makes the function not encode existing html entities. (Ilia)
* Added PDO::FETCH_KEY_PAIR mode that will fetch a 2 column result set into an associated array. (Ilia)
* Added --ini switch to CLI that prints out configuration file names. (Marcus)
* Implemented FR Fixed bug #41416 (getColumnMeta() should also return table name). (Tony)
* Fixed filetype() and linkinfo() processing of symlinks on ZTS systems. (Oliver Block, Tony, Dmitry)
* Fixed SOAP extension's handler() to work even when "always_populate_raw_post_data" is off. (Ilia)
* Fixed altering $this via argument named "this". (Dmitry)
* Fixed PHP CLI usage of php.ini from the binary location. (Hannes)
* Fixed segfault in strripos(). (Tony, Joxean Koret)
* Fixed gd build when used with freetype 1.x (Pierre, Tony)
* Fixed bug #41525 (ReflectionParameter::getPosition() not available). (Marcus)
* Fixed bug #41511 (Compile failure under IRIX 6.5.30 building md5.c). (Jani)
* Fixed bug #41504 (json_decode() incorrectly decodes JSON arrays with empty string keys). (Ilia)
* Fixed bug #41477 (no arginfo about SoapClient::__soapCall()). (Ilia)
* Fixed bug #41455 (ext/dba/config.m4 pollutes global $LIBS and $LDFLAGS). (mmarek at suse dot cz, Tony)
* Fixed bug #41442 (imagegd2() under output control). (Tony)
* Fixed bug #41430 (Fatal error with negative values of maxlen parameter of file_get_contents()). (Tony)
* Fixed bug #41423 (PHP assumes wrongly that certain ciphers are enabled in OpenSSL). (Pierre)
* Fixed bug #41421 (Uncaught exception from a stream wrapper segfaults). (Tony, Dmitry)
* Fixed bug #41403 (json_decode cannot decode floats if localeconv decimal_point is not '.'). (Tony)
* Fixed bug #41401 (wrong unary operator precedence). (Stas)
* Fixed bug #41394 (dbase_create creates file with corrupted header). (Tony)
* Fixed bug #41390 (Clarify error message with invalid protocol scheme). (Scott)
* Fixed bug #41378 (fastcgi protocol lacks support for Reason-Phrase in "Status:" header). (anight at eyelinkmedia dot com, Dmitry)
* Fixed bug #41374 (whole text concats values of wrong nodes). (Rob)
* Fixed bug #41358 (configure cannot determine SSL lib with libcurl >= 7.16.2). (Mike)
* Fixed bug #41353 (crash in openssl_pkcs12_read() on invalid input). (Ilia)
* Fixed bug #41351 (Invalid opcode with foreach ($a[] as $b)). (Dmitry, Tony)
* Fixed bug #41347 (checkdnsrr() segfaults on empty hostname). (Scott)
* Fixed bug #41337 (WSDL parsing doesn't ignore non soap bindings). (Dmitry)
* Fixed bug #41326 (Writing empty tags with Xmlwriter::WriteElement[ns]) (Pierre)
* Fixed bug #41321 (downgrade read errors in getimagesize() to E_NOTICE). (Ilia)
* Fixed bug #41304 (compress.zlib temp files left). (Dmitry)
* Fixed bug #41293 (Fixed creation of HTTP_RAW_POST_DATA when there is no default post handler). (Ilia)
* Fixed bug #41291 (FastCGI does not set SO_REUSEADDR). (fmajid at kefta dot com, Dmitry)
* Fixed bug #41287 (Namespace functions don't allow xmlns definition to be optional). (Rob)
* Fixed bug #41283 (Bug with deserializing array key that are doubles or floats in wddx). (Ilia)
* Fixed bug #41257 (lookupNamespaceURI does not work as expected). (Rob)
* Fixed bug #41236 (Regression in timeout handling of non-blocking SSL connections during reads and writes). (Ilia)
* Fixed bug #41134 (zend_ts_hash_clean not thread-safe). (marco dot cova at gmail dot com, Tony)
* Fixed bug #41097 (ext/soap returning associative array as indexed without using WSDL). (Dmitry)
* Fixed bug #41004 (minOccurs="0" and null class member variable). (Dmitry)
* Fixed bug #39542 (Behavior of require/include different to < 5.2.0). (Dmitry)