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# Thema - 21.03.2012 um 03:46 Uhr

Is there any editor without ckeditor? I need a new one couse this ckeditor is kind bugged

I have this fast questions couse most of the documentation its in germany, and i really dont know anything in germany..

Thanks for the help!


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You can use/install the TinyMCE.

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please note that the tinymce mod is only working as expected if you only activate it for html OR bbcode.

if its used for both be aware of some bugs reported but not solved so far and as of today i don't know how to fix them. seems to be caused by something javascript related.

ckeditor should work well for both things, so one possibility is to use ckeditor for html and tinymce for bbcode to have a wysiwyg editor for both types of textareas in clansphere.

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