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Features [English]

ClanSphere is a modern and modular Web-CMS to fully manage clans, associations and other groups online. It runs on PHP environments and is currently OpenSource and available under the terms of the "New BSD License".

Some of the most known and famous features of ClanSphere are:

Modular Architecture

Due to its modular architecture you can easily install, develop and share extensions for it.

Functionality like "Comments" and "Categories" can simply be used in combination with other modules.

Easy Templating Engine

ClanSphere is very popular for its easy, but still powerful template language. You are able to create and work on designs without any knowledge in PHP.

Moreover every module contains its own theme files, allowing not only for changes to the overall page layout, but also for very specific ones to the layout of e.g. how board threads are displayed.

Multilingual User Interface

The language system in ClanSphere allows for translating the whole user interface by using language files for any language you like to add or extend. By default English and German are completely shipped.

Differentiated Access System

With ClanSphere's group based access system you are able to take control on which user has which rights for a specific module.

Should one only be allowed to read news but write no comments to it? Or do you want a squad to have its own protected board section? ClanSphere makes such wishes come true.

Experienced and helpful community

You need help with ClanSphere or just look for a feature not existing yet? Our team and helpful community will try our best. We answer questions and deliver good support for your problems and how to materialize dreams.

Caching system for uber performance

To keep the lag on page loads as low as possible there is a sophisticated caching system included and set up.

It can gain even more speed when support for the APC, WinCache or XCache extension is available on your webspace. If activated the variable-cache shared by them leads to impressive performance benefits.