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Websites are subdivided into many types, corporate profiles, e-commerce, e-banking, e-government, e-learning, social networking, blogs, forums, news portals, search engines, encyclopedias and more. Everything is basically the same, what distinguishes is usually the function, content and manner of its users. Currently in Indonesia the name of the website actually is not foreign anymore, my estimate is about 50% from the bottom to the top, rural and urban residents already know even use it (not have), example using facebook or search engine. Even often encountered sd and smp children already have their own blog / website. Believe you can not believe it later.

Why an office or government agency needs a websiteRequested by the institution on it. Want to improve information services globally. Joint Bali Web Design - Want to facilitate coordination with central institutions, and institutions within the scope of work. Want to have a database of information that is easily accessible to anyone, anytime and anywhere with the principle of openness. Why companies or business world institutions need a website. It's also based on the experiences I've come across, they build websites in hopes of: Introduce products and services to the wider world of markets.

Facilitate the presentation of information for business partners who are outside the region. Providing online transaction services. Increase corporate earnings. Facilitate communication with branch companies. Why personal need a website. From some friends who are active in the internet world, and also from personal experience I can summarize the reasons why need a website such as: Want to share stories, knowledge and experience about many things, Want to earn money. Want to have many friends. Want to trade online. Want to learn to create web

Every individual or institution certainly has their own reasons in building a website, as far as I know in all countries there is no law that prohibits it. Often people ask me, what web hosting is good if I want to create a personal blog or office website? It is difficult for me to convey or appoint certain hosting providers because everyone has different needs and considerations, can be price, capacity and server location. Many things to consider before deciding where to rent / subscribe to hosting. Please consider the considerations in choosing the following web hosting.