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# Thema - 25.12.2014 um 09:35 Uhr
Hi There,

after getting to known csphere I did found something that made Teams and assigning members kind of a horrible way.

At this current stage, if you want to assign a member to a team, you have to create a new entry.
If you want that same member into another team, you have to create another new entry.

Wouldn't it be easier that if you create in the templates and functions, in create/edit/change a mulitple selector for a single person where you can assign him to several teams with just a few clicks? (actually the same count for assigning games)

This gives to remove or create the Task line which can be fairly made as a stand alone module that can be used in other modules. Task could also be refered as a personal ranking inside the team.

However, if I think further, Task could be used but should be made as optional and to implement a Personel or Inside clan Rank to identify a person his standing within the group.

I'm trying to use csphere for a MMO based game which has yet to be released and therefor I'm trying to get it working where they preform a public release in 2015. (2 games I'm tracking are currently MMO and in beta)

To provide a general Idea:

Member - Create/edit :
Game (required or optional -> multigaming?)
Squad (multiple selector)
User (required)
Rank (eg: recruit, soldier, commander, etc, required)
Task (optional)

These are just suggestions, I can find a way to make it all work toghetter ofcourse.
It only makes it that bit easier to manage your personel or teams.
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